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Brief Introduction of Nigerian Launch of Nestle Product

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Brief Introduction of Nigerian Launch of Nestle Product:

Sale of Nestle Products started off its beginning in the 20th Century that was based on the British trading companies direct interactions. in the year 1961 the Nigerian independence officially announced the Nestle Products (Nigeria) was created. Which was a resolution passed after a long time proposal from the year of 1920 on wards.

Operations of Nestle in Nigeria:

The company of Nestle in Nigeria has got two factories for productions. One is referred to be Agbara and Flower gate. It has got its distribution center called as Otta distribution center. It has got its investment and returns 59 billion Nira. (CHF 457 million) The company has got over 3300 employees with them.

Range of Products manufactured in Nigeria:

- Nestle new trend

- Nestle cereals maize

- All family cereals-referred as Golden malt

- Beverage drink-Nestle Milo

- Confectionaries-Nestle Choco Milo

- Bouillon – Maggie Cube, Maggie Chicken, Maggie gray fish, Maggie mix'py.

- Coffee-Nescafe Classic, Nescafe 3-in-1,

- Nescafe breakfast.

- Full cream milk-Nestle Nido (for Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana)

Product perspective:

Which heavy invest on the development and improvement on the basis of nutritional profile towards all of its produced products. Its strength rests on reduction of salt, sugar saturated fat and trans fats. Its maintains its good will towards the improvisation of quality of life


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