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Johnson & Johnson Marketing Mix

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Johnson & Johnson Marketing Mix

In Johnson & Johnson’s credo or mission statement, Robert Wood Johnson puts the company’s first responsibility ahead of the stockholders to doctors, nurses, patients, to mothers and fathers and all others who use their products and services (Johnson, 1943). Employees, the communities, and the world community come second. Then the final responsibility goes to the stockholders. So putting its consumers first on the receiving end is an unconventional management approach to a corporation when most corporations give their first responsibility to the stockholders.

Broadly based on human health care allows Johnson and Johnson to transfer scientific breakthroughs, marketing insight, and manufacturing expertise to the more than 250 companies under this one name. A decentralized management approach allows each of these companies to operate as a small business with access to the Johnson and Johnson research and resources.

Johnson and Johnson’s vision for 2012 is to be the source of innovation for emerging markets in Asia with a goal to bring technology and new, high quality products to smaller rural health care settings at an affordable rate. The company has entered into collaborative partnerships that connect biotech, medical, and academic communities together through its global research centers. The company has entered into a five-year partnership with Tsinghu University in China that will accelerate discovery research and develop new therapeutic approaches to infectious diseases.

The company has had four major recalls of its products in the past four years and yet the company’s stock is up 19% year-over-year. Johnson and Johnson is one of the most admired companies in the business world as well as a leader in the pharmaceutical industry with long-term investments and plenty of cash on hand to see it through diverse times. The company, unlike many other companies can stay below the radar of bad publicity and media coverage because of its decentralized management approach. The company can pass blame onto its other companies without the consumer knowing that Johnson and Johnson is the owner of the manufacturer of these recalled products. It is through its reputation as a provider for health care products and services that allows its marketing mix to be productive and successful.

The first element in the marketing mix is product and Johnson and Johnson certainly has a wide variety of products


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