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Initech Versus the Coffee Bean

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Initech versus the Coffee Bean

1. How would you gauge Peter’s achievement orientation?

Peter is not motivated and does not care about his work; he has been underperformed and has shown lack of attention to office policies and procedures. It is mainly because he currently has eight different superiors. He may have been getting mixed signals from them; he was not sure on his their expectation, hence seeking to get attention by means of doing a task to please despite not knowing all of company policies and procedures

If lack of motivation and unclear directions were not present, then Peter would have better performance as well as a better attitude while working for Initech. The morale would go up, and everything would improve tremendously.

What are some of the needs not being met for Peter Gibbons at Initech?

Some of the needs not being met for Peter at Intech. There is a lack in the structure. Instead of reporting to one superior, he reports to eight. He is confused and stresses up not only have to report to all of them but also being chased by too many if here were to make a mistake. Peter’s belongingness needs, esteem needs, and self-actualisation needs are not being met since he felt inferior of having to answer to too many superiors. He feels that his managers do not know him well enough because they are focused on getting promoted as well as him.

What he need is to have someone that treats him like an individual and not a person which will help him to feel at ease; instead of feeling like everything is based on performance and perfection - but have some level of personality to it in such a way that unity arises and positive attitudes grow.

What changes might improve Peter's motivation?



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