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Identify one Real Ethical Problem in Management. Evaluate Why It Is Considered as Ethical Problem and Recommend a Suitable Analythical Method for Soving the Identified Problem

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Your INTRO is good.. U talked ab ethical problems in general. but after that u kept on talkin ab ethical problems that exist in companies.

Pls do dis way...

1. INTRO- d first para dat u did is enuf. Its good.

2. MAS- introduce MAS.. background n brief history.. like hw it started,when,staff capacity etc. Then mention ethical problems(mention ab 5 problms lk vss,bullying, abseentism, favouritsm etc) that exist in MAS. Then focus on 1 PROBLEM. EXPLAIN why ITS AN ETHICAL PROBLEM.( it can b a problem that exist between company&workers; leading steward&cabun crew;etc.).

3. & 4. Using ur managerial skills, explain how u handle d problem and how u solve it.. (Dis wil b d body of the asgmnt.)

5. CONCLUSION.- d literal overview dat u wrote cn b used here.

6. REFERENCES. ab 5 wil do.

- must describe nature of identified problem,when it happen,the organisation background and who the people involved.example1: Ethical problems are rampant in many companies... Malaysian Airlines System no different....then talk ab MAS...hav many problms but real serious ethical problem is VSS...then explain wat VSS is &when,how&why it to solve it..

Or u oso can talk ab cabin crew(ur subordinates) who cheat or curi &u as their supervisor,how u solve the problem(dis a bit susa coz diff to cut n paste)

- relate &clearly identified problem with THREE characteristics of ethical problem.must oso xplain why it is a management ethical problem.

- must giv clear&detail analysis of the identified to relate problem with THREE methods of analysis.

- must giv TWO feasible


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