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Hummus Case Study Solution

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Opened in 2003 in Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, Hummus Bar is a famous restaurant chain. It’s a small scale business with a target to achieve profit which was founded by Uri Gotlibovich. This restaurant serves the dishes with Hummus which is the main ingredient in the foods of Hummus Bar. Initially it was a restaurant for Israelis but soon achieved popularity in the local area. Our report includes the feasibility study for the expansion of the Hummus Bar out of Budapest. The report also explain about the SWOT and possibilities in various cities.

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After trying various businesses and not succeeding in any of it, Hummus Bar was Uri’s last shot to survive in Budapest. Along with his partner Uri invested $40,000 each to open a small restaurant. Soon the restaurant gained a lot of popularity and started providing enough returns to cover up the expenses and start the real deal.

Later Uri brought in new partner named Aviad. Then he opened another restaurant near Parliament after which they decided to open a new restaurant and he let the chef put in his investment.

 It soon became a success unlike the first restaurant which took no time to garner popularity. Now he opened a new restaurant in place of a moving Indian restaurant in making a chain of restaurants. That also worked well and gid partner Aviad agreed to open another restaurant which is the fourth one near Hungary Universities in 2010. A fifth restaurant opened soon in 2011 and a former customer chose to become the partner named Paul Mintz. The Uri decided to open up a franchising for Hummus Bar and a person took the franchising in Budapest which resulted in a sixth hummus bar. It was opened by an Iranian entrepreneur Amir Degani.


He was born in Israel and started his first business at the age of 19 years. It was really nice that he started his first business at quiet young age. The first business he started was “Happening shop”. It was like a general store and bean bags of this store was very famous. After building another store he sold this business. The second business he did was PC doctor which was relating to hardware and software.

This business got sold due to some medical reason. After doing two businesses in Israel he visited to Hungary upon his friend’s request. He started joint venture there. It was relating to sell high technology entertainment system to the hospital. He had invested three hundred thousand dollars in this business.

This business also failed because business model of this business was not efficient. Just before he was about to leave hungry, he decided to stay and give a try. Then he found Hummus bar. He was the founder of Hummus bar and now he is a partner. When he started Hummus bar, he invested 20,000 dollars as equal to his partner.

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Hummus is an old 13th century recipe. It was made up from Chickpeas and it is vegetarian. Hummus recipes are getting popular now days.

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  1. High quality food:  Hummus bar is known for its high quality of food which is very clean and healthy.

  1. Variety food items: It has large variety of items-

Falafel Laffa
Sabich Laffa
Hummus Salad Laffa
Hummus Phool Egg Laffa
Pargit Laffa
Jerusalem Laffa


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