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Employee Engagement Case Study of Putteridge Solution Plc

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In this report a literature review of employee engagement in Putteridge Solution Plc was discussed. However, this report reviewed different definition of engagement given by different authors on engagement. The importance of engagement in an organization was also discussed and how engagement can be measured and improved.

In the second part, the current situation of motivating employee through extrinsic reward by Putteridge Solution Plc was highlighted with less attention paid to employee relation. After the analysis of the situation at Putteridge we gave some HR strategies Putteridge can use to motivate their employee by recommending training to improve performance.

Finally, we discussed the difficulties in implementing the HR strategies with focus on how they can cut cost, improve engagement and motivation.

However, this report is about Putteridge Solutions Plc a software service provider company with the headquarters in the UK and various office units in different companies spread across Europe. They have staff strength of about 400 employees in the UK with about 300 skilled technical workers.

Currently, Putteridge is facing some financial challenges due to the last year decline of the company’s market share price indicating that the company will not be able to pay bonuses for the coming year with only about fifth of last year’s bonuses will be paid this year. In addition, other bonuses will not be paid but with no plans for redundancy.

Thus this report was requested by the CEO of the organization directing the HR manager to provide solutions to the problems such as high grievances, absenteeism, poor employee relation and low motivation which originated due to the cut of their bonuses due to the financial loss faced by the company, using various literatures to give a clear understanding of what engagement is all about.

Evolution of the concept of Employee Engagement

The Employee engagement concept is considered new to HR Literature. According to Melcrum Publishing(2005) noted that a global survey carried over 1,000 communication and HR practitioners about 74% of them are beginning to formally focus on employee engagement between 2000 and 2004. Since employee engagement concept is vast it will be difficult to give a universal definition because different authors on engagement gave different definitions. Most literature on employee engagement adopted a multidimensional approach towards defining employee engagement according to Gennard & Judge (2010) defines it as a process developed by organizations to ensure commitment and dedication of employees towards the values and goals of the organization which leads to success in the process improving their self .However, Baumruk(2004), defined it as a commitment of employees emotions and intellect towards the organization, while


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