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Managing Employee Case Study

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The last candidate I am going to talk about is Steven Robinson.  And here are some of his information in this chart about his personal, education, experience and other activities. So from this chart, which shows in details about his age, schools, courses he had taken and related experience of this position that he had. Comparing to other candidates, he is the youngest one who is only 35 years old, so that he is full of energy and enthusiasm, and also the best educated one for he is the only one with a CHRP certification and extension courses in new information technology and the Internet, which means if the firm is to embrace new technology soon, Robinson has more strengths than others and will be the person to hire. Maple Leaf Shoes Limited has been facing a barrage of criticisms about human rights law violations, so besides Robinson’s strengths mentioned before, as he is an African-Canadian, by hiring him could create the impression of being a “progressive employer” because no one could criticize you any more about being insensitive to the multicultural mosaic of Canada. On the other hand, there also are some weaknesses of him. As he is so young that he is not as diversely experienced as other candidates which may seems to be less competitive than others. And

If we focusing on the employees that the company want, the person selected should be able to deal with unions, redesign jobs to cut down costs, handle the growing number of employee complaints, and manage the challenges posed by the firm’s growth, we evaluate the strengths and the weaknesses about the final four candidates, we can find that all of them has their own special strengths that matches the company’s require. So based on all the evaluations, Love will tell you about our recommedations.


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