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How Is M&s Recruitment and Selection Strategy Linked to Its Human Resources Strategy?

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• How is M&S recruitment and selection strategy linked to its human resources strategy?

In general, a strategic approach to HRM involves the designs and implementations of a set of internally consistent policies and practices that ensure a firm's human capital to contribute to the achievement of its business objectives. Fundamental to the strategic HRM perspectives, there is an assumption that firm performance is influenced by the set of HRM practices a firm has in place. M&S line managers can enhance productivity by building a sound HRM system having a set of specific HRM practices in different ways. This necessitates the development of an approach to investigate the correlation between a firm's productivity and strategic HRM factors. Based on that understanding, managers can adopt appropriate strategies to improve company's HRM so as to increase the business units' total productivity. According to strategic HRM, the HR strategy should be developed alongside the general strategy of the organization, to acquire cultural fit within and with the outside environment.

5.0 Conclusion

Every organisation wants to be successful and depends upon its employees to make that happen. Success should be viewed over the long term. A healthy organisation can go the distance and the best metric of success should be the health of the employees.

The most important issue of M&S is to build upon the company's already existing strengths and try to overcome the threats of the change. One of the major benefits claimed for organizational learning is that it enables organizations to manage change in a timely and effective manner. The organizational learning and individual development movement was largely a response to the need for organizations to seek to sustain competitiveness and survival in a discontinuous environment. Management practice today is still largely driven by a closed systems view that relies on planning, on a consensual, top-down implementation of change interventions. M&S's change requires time and energy for learning new approaches, but it is necessary to develop new skills and capacities. M&S has a long history of change management and HRM excellence, but even for them, resolving their present tensions and changes represent a considerable challenge.


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