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How Can Coach Increase Its Brand Awareness in China?

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Week 8   MKC 2610 Case Analysis      Student ID:  25973231     Student Name: Nicole Yip

Please read the case of COACH takes on China and answer the following question in written format (also prepare the answers to these questions for tutorial discussion: 1) What are Coach’s existing distribution channels in China? Which do you think is the most important?  2) Do you agree that Coach’s current distribution strategy is appropriate for a luxury goods company? Why or why not? 3) Coach’s entry into Japan was a slow and traditional pattern of growth. Do you think Coach is doing the right thing by expanding so aggressively and rapidly in China?  ):

  • How can Coach increase its brand awareness in China?

Coach can increase brand awareness in China by investing in a marketing campaign that targets its target audience (emerging middle class who have gone to University and are getting 30-40% pay increases a year as engineers, doctors, bankers, lawyers.’ They must ensure their marketing campaign encompasses the functional benefits of the bag and establish this in a high context environment where the interpretation of the message lies heavily on contextual cues. These campaigns must also ensure that they are endorsed by celebrities, models, or salespersons as the Chinese tend to react poorly to advertisements that do not place products in greater contexts. They should also make sure to select the most widely recognised existing translation as the most effective strategy.

Coach may also increase image and perception as a luxury brand by using strategies that have proven successful in other countries such as Japan. As they have done before, Coach could open a store next to other high-end designer brands such (Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc) to give customers the impression that the company is of a similar quality and level to these brands.

Since brand awareness about the brand n China is low, Chinese customers do not have as much knowledge about the story and beginnings of the brand as US customers. As such, the company should attempt to raise awareness of the brand’s history and origins on various platforms (social media, Coach website, advertisements, stores, PR events) and through various marketing communication means. This will add depth to what the brand encompasses and be more than just a tangible asset to Chinese customers. Coach could educate its employees and staff to stay aligned with the brand so that they are able to provide accurate product descriptions and uphold the company’s values and mission when serving and influencing customers.


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