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Honda Motor Company

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Company Background

The person that established Honda Motor Company is Soichiro Honda in 1948. Honda Motor Company has been the world largest motorcycle manufacturer since 1959.  After that they started to produce car in 1959.

Company Mission

Maintaining a global viewpoint, we are dedicated to supplying products of the highest quality, yet at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction.

Company Slogan

The Power of Dreams

Prepare By:

Ho Jia Hao


Head of Marketing Department



Honda Malaysia can sell a lot of cars per month, everyone is looking for Honda. Honda always got promotion and can get the cheapest price. If any problem on that car, Honda will find it out and fixed it. Honda is about quality and performance that worth it with that price.

Honda is improving the power and stabilize every year. Honda with its suppliers are very important, there is about teamwork to done their work on time. If there have a good teamwork on it and largest amount of show room, there can decrease the cost and provide more course to front line to teach them how to negotiate with customers.


Honda manufacturing car and motorcycle and provide the whole world. Target market for Honda is looking for male and female with 18-50 years old. Honda can satisfy the customers using fuel economy and reasonable storage space that customers are looking for. It’s also suitable for teenagers and housewives. Some people also looking for Honda is because they responsible and low maintenance fee.

Choosing the customers always need to check that location and the area that customers will afford to purchase the car. Honda is giving a lot of benefits to customers, those front line also need to communicate to customers and look friendly to make customers loyalty to Honda.

The power of Honda can join a lot of race and F1( Formula 1) to make customers more confidence of Honda. Honda also start to manufacture sport car to hit their target. There is a lot of people also looking for the sport car in the market.


        At this kind of market, there’s also a lot of competitors doing the same things like Honda. There is a lot of brand on the market are fighting for top 1.

There is some competitors are fighting with Honda:

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Nissan Company

  • Made in Japan
  • Headquarters in Yokohama[pic 3]


  • Nissan GT-R                
  • Nissan 370z                                                        
  • Nissan 350z[pic 4][pic 5]

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Toyota Company


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