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Goodlife Fitness - Case Study

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Goodlife Fitness – Case Study

A. Situational Assessment / Environmental Scan

Competitive Landscape:

The health and fitness industry is very competitive, with different work out environments available, which can make it difficult to appeal to their target market. There are many different types of fitness settings such as home gyms, outside exercise options, alternative fitness classes such as hot yoga, community centres with free or inexpensive classes and of course, other fitness clubs.

The Kitchener Goodlife Club have many competitors, with 15 other fitness clubs in the area. The two YMCA clubs, Popeye's gym and the International family fitness centre are the main competitors for Goodlife in the Kitchener area. The international family fitness centre is the closest competition for Goodlife fitness, as they have similar fees, classes, equipment and are in the same area.

Economic Factors

Goodlife fitness club staff is strongly affected by the economy in regards to retention. While they attempted to hire university students graduating from health fields such as kinesiology as full time staff, the economy improved, giving university students better opportunities elsewhere, for better pay.

The economy also could affect retention, as if the economy got worse, then members would be terminating memberships, and not signing up for new ones due to financial restraints.

Social Trends

The health and fitness trend has become very popular, with more people caring about what they are eating and what exercise they are getting. With obesity on the rise in many countries, more emphasis is being placed on exercise and well-being. We live in a society where convenience is everything, so people are looking for faster ways to get what they want, which often personal trainers can offer.

One key fact that the case mentioned was that Canadians believe that physical activity Is beneficial in preventing heart disease and other chronic conditions, in reducing stress and perform everyday tasks with aging, yet still many do not get the right amount of exercise. This shows that society is aware of the need for exercise, and many have taken the step towards the health and fitness trend, but not all Canadians have.

Technological factors

Swipe technology and data base information systems could be a huge improvement for the Goodlife Clubs. This technology offers Goodlife the opportunity to retain customer information which could lead to better targeting of their target audience. With this information available, it could provide Goodlife with the information they need to do follow-up calls and customer activity monitoring.



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