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Frito-Lay Case Study Operation Management

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                          Frito-lay case study operation management

10 decisions of Operation management

Overseeing Quality/Process and Capacity Design:

Each bite is produced with the most noteworthy quality benchmarks, gear with cutting edge innovation.

Area Strategy:

In the State of Mexico we have 13 activity focuses, from which they make and disseminate our best tidbits and desserts to the remainder of the nation and fare them to the United States, England, Spain, Guatemala-la, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica and Panama.

Structure of Goods and Services/Inventory Management:

We are perceived as pioneers in advancement, holders of brands and high saw worth, with high revolution keeping up reliability and inclination of our clients.

HR and Job Design:

It contributes essentially to the financial advancement of the nation, straightforwardly utilizing in excess of 16,000 individuals across the nation. Concentrated on making more prominent chances to extend levels of development and along these lines make more employments that will improve expectations for everyday comforts of most families in Mexico and the world.

Structure of merchandise and enterprises:

Item improvement kitchens explore different avenues regarding new items, submit them to center gatherings, and perform test showcasing.

Overseeing Quality:

When the item particulars have been set, forms equipped for meet-ing those details and the vital quality norms are made. At Frito-Lay, quality starts at the ranch, with on location assessment of the potatoes utilized in Ruffles and the corn in Fritos.

The productivity of the production process 

The efficiency of the creation procedure can be dictated by the yield over info. Multifaceted efficiency, we should mull over capital, work, material, and vitality.


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