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Fitbit Research Paper

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Task : Group Assignment

Name : David Joel Ho Tai Way (15DM245)

Benjamin Eli Willie (15DM246)

Subject : MKT334 Marketing Research

Product : Fitbit

Program : Diploma in Commerce

Lecturer : Mr. Raymond Lai

Due Date : 5th January 2017

Index Page No

Executive Summary 1

Introduction 3

Problem Definition 3

Approach to the Problem 4-5

Research Design 6-12

Types of Research Design 13

Information needed 14-16

Data Collection from Secondary Research 17- 20

Data Collection from Primary Research 21

Scaling Techniques 21

Sampling Techniques 22

Field Work 33

Data Analysis 33

Limitation 33

Recommendation 33

Conclusion 22

Exhibit 33

Focus Group Interview 33

In-depth Interview 33

Questionnaires and forms 33

References 33

Executive Summary


The Fibit Flex 2 is a slim fitness wristband that’s ready to go wherever life takes you. Using wireless-enabled technology, the Fitbit Flex 2 measures data such as the number of steps walked as well as the distance, number of calories burned, active minutes, quality of sleep, and other personal metrics involved in fitness. Furthermore, the product features a discreet progress display that uses color-coded LED lights and vibrations to keep the user linked to phone calls, texts, and even remind the user to move. The design screams practicality and


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