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Effect of Trump Presidency

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  1. Executive Summary

After victories in World Wars, United States of America (U.S.) become the most powerful nation in the world. US Dollars has become the world reserve currency. U.S. becomes the largest economies, alliance with steady economic growth, low unemployment and inflation, and rapid technological advancement.  

On January 20, 2017, Donald John Trump officially become the 45th President of U.S. Thousands of protestors filled the streets of Washington DC to express their dissatisfaction of the commencement. They believed that he will lead U.S. to war and recession.

Trump’s plan to repeal the Acts, hard rule towards the ambassadors and ban the entries of Muslim gives a boom towards the society. He continues for his tax reduction plan, will possibly lead U.S. to a depression as suggested by The President Ronald Reagan. Trump’s ignorance about international trade-relationship will worsen U.S.  

Above scenarios will be discussed below.

  1. Introduction

Trump presidency had brought disappointment of Americans. The main factors are his sexism towards women and bottomless ignorance towards the black America. There are a lot of negative comments towards his presidency. Some of his supporters even questioned themselves whether they voted the right person as new President.

Throughout the report, readers can identify the impact on economy after Trump’s presidency. It will first place the possible consequences of his action towards the world economy with detailed analysis.

For simplicity, followings are the abbreviations used in the report.



United States of America


US Dollars


President Donald John Trump


  1. Statement of Problem

After Trump’s presidency, he signed an order on 90-days ban on travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries to prevent radical Islamic terrorist. Secondly, he removed the undocumented illegal immigrants who are mostly from Mexico even though they contributed 3% of U.S.’s GDP. The ambassadors were fired by Trump by Inauguration Day without giving any further extension. He also signed an executive order to review and dismantle the Dodd-Frank Act and repeal Acts which implemented during Obama’s administration. Free trade agreement between U.S., Canada and Mexico is expected to be renegotiated. Moreover, higher import duties were being proposed on Chinese products. These cause tensions between the countries and worsen their trade relations. Lastly, Trump plans to tax reduction which might increase government debts.


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