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Divvy Bikes Public Bicycle System

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Product (Eden)

bike share system is a neoteric service where bicycles can be rented on a short term period. Bicycle-sharing systems offer people to take a bicycle from station "1" and give it back at station "2".

The main goal of bike-share scheme is providing clients with affordable bicycles which can be freely accessed for everybody for short-distance trips in a city area as a substitute to public transport and cars, thereby reducing traffic congestion, air pollution, and noise. Bicycle-sharing systems are also a good method to deal with the problem of the “last mile” and unite all the users in one network.  

Divvy Bikes Public Bicycle System

Divvy is bike-share scheme with 4,760 bikes and 476 stations around the city. It launched in Chicago on June 14, 2013, and its main purpose was to provide locals with an extra transportation option for getting to the job, university, or just going around the city. Divvy is interesting, easy to use, and everyone can afford it. When you look up “divvy” in the dictionary, you will find the definition “to divide and share”. That is what the entire bicycle sharing system is all about (DeCanniere).

A bike sharing system consists of a range of specially designed, solid, durable bikes that are connected into a network of docking stations located around a city ("About Divvy"). You can rent bike from and return it to every Divvy bicycle parking in the city. It is creating a large, efficient network with all the possible combinations of start and end points. Owning thousands of bicycles at hundreds of stations, Divvy is available for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The station network assures that there is always an available station nearby to return your bike to.

The Advantages of Divvy Bicycle-Sharing System


There are a lot of health benefits of active transportation; that is why founders of Divvy are always trying to promote cycling and walking. Beyond that, when you ask people why they bike or why they want to use bike sharing, they often answer that it is not only fast and cheap, but it is fun as well. It is a very relaxing and interesting way to go around city too (DeCanniere). You are outside, doing some active job, you are pedaling your bike, releasing endorphins, so it actually makes you feel better, which is absolutely the opposite of what driving a car or public transport do to you.


According to the British statistics, for youth cycling is much safer than driving a car or even going on foot. It is clearly demonstrated by a summary of injuries in the road accidents. If we consider the statistics in more detail, we can certainly say that a young cyclist is less likely to die in an accident. Moreover, Divvy bikes are designed for the maximum safe driving and they are regularly inspected by the repairers. And, surely, there is the well-known “Tank Factor” (Vaughn). Divvy has a sturdy frame, blinking lights, and a design that is properly projected for cyclists for sitting upright.


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