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Communication Styles

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Organizations greatly rely on the decisions made for their achievements. The right decisions can bring triumph and negative decisions can cause adversity. Awareness plays a very important role in the decisions individuals make. Individuals make choice each day, each hour and each minute based on the perceptions they interpret. Every human being perceives situations, places, populace and so on with an individual’s five senses. However, what one understands is not always precise. Individual’s perceptions can be deceptive and can cause unfavorable results. Perception can cause many individuals to make the incorrect decisions based on undetermined information. In businesses incorrect choices can cause a marvelous amount of unfavorable results. Therefore, it is tremendously important to comprehend perception; how one's awareness of others impacts a company’s behavior; the optimistic and pessimistic effects of using perceptive short way out when moderating others; how choice in real world businesses are made; and how perceptions form one's ethical choices.

Consumer behavior provides position to the process of obtaining and organizing data in the way of a buying decision and of using and assessing products and services. These procedures include the stages of exploring for, purchasing, using, pricing, and disposing of products and services. Decision making procedures comes from the consideration process of chosen logical option from among the accessible options. When trying to make a excellent decision, a person must weigh the positives and negatives of every alternative, and regard as all the options. For effectual decision making, a person must be able to predict the results of each alternative as well, and based on all these items, decide which alternative is the best for that meticulous situation. These steps can be used for purchasing a home, car, appliance or even a cellular phone.

Trying to decide how consumers make decisions is at the heart of strategy for marketers as the labor to exercise the diverse principles of marketing. Consumers have their own planning to do as they look for ways to determine which products and services to purchase or not purchase, which brands to use, and which brands to disregard. In the wake of the final act of making a purchase exist several and oftentimes a difficult decision process. The purchase decision procedure is the steps a purchaser goes after when making a decision about a product or service to purchase. The five stages of consumer behavior are: problem recognition, information search, alternative evaluation, purchase decision, and post-purchase behavior. To obtain the information on how customers classify any quality as high and low significant while buying any product or service and on which qualities they can compromise and which quality is required for them on which quality they can not compromise, who persuade them while making decision and how the profile


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