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Male and Female Communication Styles: A Comparison

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Male and Female Communication Styles: A Comparison

There are a lot of differences between men and women.  The way “she” see the world is different from how “he” sees it. Thus, giving men and women different  or varying reactions and responses to a certain stimuli. One of the many of differences of men and women is the way they communicate with each other, that is man to man and woman to woman conversation.

        Men consider communication or any discourse as something that has a clear purpose. They like to talk about solutions to their problems. Perhaps, they use communication to get the root of the problem, as much as possible. On the other hand, women use communication to talk about their feelings and so she can say whatever she wants. They see communication as some discourse where you can share your feelings and an opportunity to increase intimacy with the people around her.

 Considering the things they say during a conversation, men are straight to the point compared to women. They are known to share only the important details in a certain matter. While, women are more on finding someone to listen and understand what she is currently feeling. Thus, women want intimacy in conversation, to feel connected with other people, while men want to give more information while remaining independent of the other party.

        Personally, I see these patterns with my friends. More of my male friends take conversation seriously. They don’t talk when it is not needed. They dwell more on the details of the problem then give immediate solutions. While my female friends, almost all the time, talk or share their feelings about a certain issue or matter. They tend to be more emotional when talking sensitive topics.

        I do agree with Tannen’s idea. I believe that women are more in using non-verbal communication like eye contact, gesturing and facial expressions. Also, they also wanted to talk while sitting or standing in clusters where every one of them is facing each other. While men prefer talking side by side and do not use non-verbal communication and gestures.



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