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Communication Channels of an Organization

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The book starts in the year 1863 with the narrator's uncle, Professor Liedenbrock, rushing into his house in Hamburg, Germany. Axel (the narrator) is left alone by the housekeeper Martha to argue with the professor because he is home so early. Otto Liedenbrock is a professor at Johannaeum. He is not a fast-talker, but is very capable at science. Axel his nephew is his laboratory assistant. Although he first tries to flee his uncle, Axel decides to go after him because the only person he likes is his nephew.

In the second chapter when Axel enters the study, his uncle exclaims "Here's a remarkable book! What a wonderful book!" He goes on to tell him that the book is by Heims Kringla of Snorre Turlleson, a famous Icelandic author of the twelfth century that tells about the Norwegian princes who ruled Iceland. He can read it even though it is written in old Icelandic because he speaks many languages.

The third chapter starts with the professor and his nephew trying to decipher the Icelandic manuscript.

The professor is positive it is Runic, so he dictates what several letters should be in English in a coded part of the manuscript to Axel. Still not able to decipher the code, he starts thinking it might be a secret of an important idea. Then he translates a name he finds in the first few pages of the manuscript that is an old Icelandic alchemist of the sixteenth centuryArne Saknussemm. He decides the manuscript must be written in Latin because Saknussemm was proficient in that language. They learn of a possible route to the center of the earth from their translation of the manuscript. The starting point is an extinct volano Sneffels. The pair decide to go to Iceland to try to find the way to the center of the earth.

On their way to Iceland, a Danish guide named Hans Bjelke is recommended to them for their journey. With the help of Hans, they finally reach the 5,000 feet high Sneffels volcano. The journey down to the center of the earth begins when they find the top of the crater.


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