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Coca Cola Case

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The company I chose to look at was the Coca Cola Company. They are an American multinational beverage corporation that produce non alcoholic beverages. The company is best known for its main product Coca-Cola.

I am going to look at some aspects of Coca Cola’s supply chain showing how they convert inputs of materials and resources into added value outputs and how these get to the consumers.

Relationship with its Suppliers

Firstly if we were to look at Coca Cola’s take on their suppliers we can see that they are very ethical in how they go about their business with their suppliers. Coca Cola would consider their suppliers the people who supply them with the packaging and ingredients that actually go in the finished product and also the machinery that they use to produce the product. Their main strategy I think when they are looking for these services is too emphasise to their supplier that they want to show them that they have high expectations and values and that they only want to be involved with partners that will engage environmentally and that there won’t be any bad practice in their workplace if they were to choose them. The reason behind why they emphasize this is that they don’t want to tarnish the ethical Coca Cola brand that they have already established if they choose that specific supplier.

Relationship with its Customers

In relation to Coca Cola’s association with its customers, we can see that their customers would include mainly retailers and restaurants and small local businesses that we would see every day. Coca Cola Company provides these customers by working with the bottling partners in all the different regions. For example Coca Cola has over 1200 bottling operations worldwide so it’s important that they have a good relationship with these bottling firms if they want to maintain a good relationship with their customers.

Also Coca Cola has a Collaborative Customer Relationship process in place. ‘’ This CCR process integrates customers, processes, strategies and insight, allowing organizations to more effectively and efficiently serve and retain customers. ‘’ ‘This basically just means the way Coca Cola uses customer feedback to benefit the company’s product and services. Coca Cola has been refined in 3 lead markets Japan, Mexico and Switzerland. It work’s with customers to improve it’s shopper marketing and its supply chain.


I am also going to take a look at Coca Cola’s sourcing. ‘’Sourcing is


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