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Business Opportunities in High Potential Developing Markets

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Case:   Business opportunities in High Potential developing markets.

Written analysis and communication I

Submitted on 04th July, 2009

Letter of transmittal


Mr. David Sullivan,

Vice president, sales


Alexandra Jones

International division

Date: 04th July, 2006

Attached report analyses the various alternatives for the expansion in the developing markets of Asia based on the criteria of timeliness, quality, capacity and scope of future growth.

I recommend the acquisition of Quan thanh furniture, a Vietnam furniture manufacturer.


Executive summary

ACH need to fulfill a huge order of $100 million from the US government. Capacity constraints in the US force us to look into the viable options internationally. Despite complicated tax system and corruption in Vietnam, acquisition of QTF is the best possible option given its expertise in high quality products, scope for increase of production and most of all, the quick entry into the local market. Other options of setting up new production facilities in China, India or Vietnam would not be able to supply the required quantity within the given timeframe.


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Table of contents

S.NO                                                                                  Page No.

1) Situation Analysis                                                                                   5

2) Problem Statement                                                                     6

3) Options                                                                                 6

4) Criteria                                                                                 6

5) Evaluation of options                                                                 7

6) Recommendation                                                                                     9

7) Action Plan                                                                                              9

8) Exhibit 1                                                                                                 10


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