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Indentifying Global Business Opportunities

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Global Business

Management Audit

Avery Dennison


Module 1: Indentifying Global Business Opportunities

Company Name: Avery Dennison Corporation (Classification: 20201060)

Company Sector: Industrials

Industry Group: Commercial Services & Supplies

Industry: Commercial Services & Supplies

Sub Industry: Office Services & Supplies

Avery Dennison Corporation is a diversified company that produces pressure-sensitive adhesives and materials for industrial and consumer uses. Avery Dennison's products include pressure-sensitive labeling materials; graphics imaging media; retail apparel ticketing, branding systems; RFID inlays and tags; office products; specialty tapes; and a variety of specialized labels for automotive, industrial and durable goods applications. Since its humble beginning in 1935 from a 100-square-foot loft in Los Angeles, California the company has grown to become a global enterprise with about 31,300 employees in over 200 facilities in more than 60 countries and product sales in 89 countries worldwide. Avery operates under a global area division structure because through regional presence of its divisions the company can better respond to local variances in demand and product differentiation within each area while still taking advantages of the economies of scale that a company of the caliber of Avery Dennison has been able to create.

I have identified Chile as a country in which Avery can invest its resources and secure expansion in a business environment with minimal risks and optimistic outlook. Chile is a country with strong projections for industrial growth, well-established governmental institutions and a promising destination for foreign direct investment (FDI). Chile stands as one of the most powerful economies in the region and according to a study by the World Economic Forum (WEF) Chile has the most interconnected web economy in Latin America with outstanding Macroeconomic conditions that continue to place Chile in the top-ranking nations for growth and prosperity.

Avery Dennison can bring its expertise in optimizing industrial identification processes to booming industries in construction, automotive, fleet transportation, retail, education, healthcare, food processing and many other markets in Chile. The establishment of local manufacturing and converting plants may also allow Avery to export and serve markets in the neighboring countries of


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