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Bus 695 - Candy’s Event Planning Services, Llc: Marketing Plan

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Candy’s Event Planning Services, LLC: Marketing Plan

Princess Smith

BUS 695 Marketing Capstone Seminar

Instructor: Eva Ananiewicz

November 20, 2015

Candy’s Event Services, LLC: Marketing Plan

Executive Summary

Candy’s Event Services LLC is an event planning and product services provider founded by Princess in 2015 out of the love for entertaining and hosting events. Candy’s Event Services, LLC specializes in hosting and creating handmade products for bridal showers, birthday parties, baby showers, receptions, and for all events and occasions including makeup artist services, catering, set up, clean up, decorations, cakes with 1 to 6 tiers and other event arrangements.

We have packages to fit every budget and occasion with an approved payment plan. Our packages consist of the following Pearl Darling Package, Bronze Sampler Package, Bronze Package, Silver Package, Gold Package, and last but the most convenient, the Platinum package. Each package requires a deposit that is non-refundable, yet affordable.

The primary steps in Candy’s Event Services, LLC is to browse and consult with an event coordinator concerning the desired product or event package. The event coordinator will then aid the customer, while considering the best look that will fix the customer’s event or product personally. Some of the categories will include common, old-fashioned, animated, and the latest popular decorative themes. Once the package is chosen, the event coordinators will then help the client decide which theme they desire including all decorations. Once the looked has reached its optimal perfection, the stylist will direct the customer to the next phrase of the Gorgeous Looks Experience, which is hair and make-up.

Candy’s Event Services, LLC offers everything that is needed to have a successful and stress free event that includes, event planner, consultation, planning session with optional hosting, gift for guest of honor, games, prizes, favors, decorations, table set up, event set up and clean up, invitations, memorable candles, photography, catering upon request, makeup artist, and thank you notes.  

Candy’s certified planners and makeup artist will be accessible for every scheduled special event. During the initial meeting each client will be given a full session to discuss their chosen package and desired products for special day. During the consultation, the client has the ability to deliberate and request their desired details concerning their event package while expressing any needs that need to be satisfied such as, special arrangements, colors, themes, plastic or real utensils, timeframe of event, and the ability to negotiate pricing. Event planners and Set-up staff will then be able to offer the client the most commendable recommendation for their needs and wants concerning products in the event package, while providing outstanding customer service.


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