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Brazil as a Rapidly Developing Economy

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Brazil as a Rapidly Developing Economy

Noblesse, Jean


Anglia Ruskin University

Degree Programme in International Business

January 2015


The purpose of this thesis was to identify and critically evaluate the key economic, political and technological factors that have enabled Brazil to become a Rapidly Developing Economy and to recommend future strategic direction that would allow Brazil to sustain economic growth.

Executive Summary

The following summary is prepared to make sure the actual assignment, which is whether or not Brazil can sustain its economic growth, is clear. New and existing information has been used. The use of several academic sources and the country report of Brazil has made it possible to determine that Brazil can sustain its economic growth.

This thesis has been made by keeping in mind Brazil’s current situation and the means that were used to get there. Therefore, various important tools that give more insight into the country have been used, such as the country report or other academic sources, like journals. Due to the aforementioned sources it was possible to come up with concrete data on Brazil.

It has been found that Brazil has a strong macroeconomic framework and a well-built federal republic that has the vision, discipline and the spirit to lead its country what it is capable of. Additionally, Brazil has achieved exceptional growth over the past few years and therefore has become one of the leading nations in terms of technology.

Due to the fact that the government of Brazil encourages economic integration in the technology sector it has become apparent that the nation is a progressive and outstanding federal republic. By using several tools, such as a technology park, Brazil’s economy will continue to grow.

However, Brazil’s economic, technological and political areas are not perfect and research has shown that the Brazilian government will have to keep encouraging the investment in the technology sector. Therefore, the federal republic has to stimulate the communication between the political parties and the technology sector to make sure the nation will be able to maintain its momentum.

The research revealed that Brazil will be able to keep experiencing economic growth due to the various key economic, political and technological factors.

pre face

A good thesis is based on certain researched facts where several comparisons are observed and included.

It has been found that it is very difficult to develop a well-constructed thesis and therefore there are many consultancies that are unable to provide to right information and fail to emphasize the right data. This data, that should be emphasized, are the decisive factors for a clear and especially enlightening thesis. In fact, a good thesis should make sure there is the right amount of research data and a certain amount of own input.


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