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Barriers to Implement Sustainability

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Barriers to Implement Sustainability

In implementing Riordan Manufacturing new sustainability plan barriers can occur for different reasons as well as from different business aspects. The best practices recommended for Riordan Manufacturing include; waste minimization, employee training and a comprehensive training and monitoring program. These recommendations will encounter barriers from a financial and social aspect of business. The first barrier is from a financial stand point. The recommendations for Riordan are to process waste at an offsite facility, also to follow in accordance with the Clean Air Act in reducing air pollution. Retaining the proper permits will be a costly endeavor. This financial barrier occurs because of the lack of communication between the sustainability team and the financial or budgeting team. If the vision of to become a more sustainable company and the finances don’t align then there will be issues, both teams have to be involved from the beginning, this is a cohesive project and implementation. The reasoning behind is not only to become more sustainable but to have a positive impact on the work that we are contributing to as a team and to the environment. Financial barriers will also occur because it can be difficult to see how the sustainably changes will impact the business and the bottom line. It is hard to assign a value or metric to “externalities”, like air pollution, and waste management. The environmental footprint Riordan Manufacturing will have in implementing these new projects will generate higher returns and reduce operating costs as well. The second barrier is from a social aspect, the recommendations of the employee training and monitoring program. The social barrier that would occur would be from lack of employees changing their current mindset to the new approach and the new expectations. The proper training and education would be provided to all employees


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