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Crm Implementation Analysis

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Customer Relationship Management

I. Introduction

II. Understanding CRM

What is CRM?

The 10 Key Principles of CRM

III. CRM in Action

Marketing Management

Sales Force Automation

Customer Support

Data Management

IV. The Many Faces of CRM

CRM in the Retail Industry

CRM in the Financial Services Industry

CRM in the Chemical Industry

V. When CRM Fails

Defining Failure

What goes wrong and why

Case Study 1: Sales Force Automation Woes

Four Reasons Why CRM Fails

VI. A Framework for Successful CRM

Case Study 2: Boise Cascade

Following the 8 Principles of Success

VII. Conclusion

Sources of information

We relied largely on internet resources for this project, through which we found numerous articles and white papers on CRM. We also interviewed an SFA consultant and relied on Lorna's personal experience at Moai Technologies.

We divided the project in the following manner:

Jital and Kartik did the work system snapshot. Jital and Kartik researched the definition of CRM, its functionality, and CRM across industries. Kartik came up with the Seibal information and was the genius behind the power point presentation. Lorna researched CRM failures and did the tremendous final editing. Pat researched CRM success stories. We feel that the work was distributed fairly equally, and that we deserve equal credit.

I. Introduction

The adage "the customer is king" is an age-old maxim of good business. Excellent customer service leads to customer retention, which is the lifeline of any successful business. When the local bookstore knows you by name and can recommend new titles that you are certain to love – that's good customer relations in action. When settling a discrepancy in your credit card bill over the phone is a quick, painless affair handled by a courteous customer service rep – that's excellent customer relationship management.



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