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Article Analysis Paper

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Domestic and International Business Ethics and Issues

Article Analysis Paper

Mahesh Shrestha

Amberton University

This paper was prepared for BUS5110.E1-International Business, taught by Professor Dr. Deborah Hill.

Domestic and International Business Ethics and Issues

        Business ethics is a method of practical ethics or skilled ethics which studies moral values and problems which arise in a professional environment. It relates to all phase of business behavior and is applicable to the conduct of public and whole business. Ethics specifies what is wrong and what is right in corporate offices which also lead employees and shareholders with ethical standards. In this 21st century ethics in business world has been an important issue on the corporation level in broader aspect. So it is very important to examine ethical administration and business performance with a hypothetical view point and also including the global business measurement of ethics and its implication for business resting on philosophical publications.

        In the article “Issues of Business Ethics in Domestic and International Businesses,” written by Aytac Gokmen and A. Turan Ozturk, authors are talking about the ethics being a significant issue in business both on the firm level and wider phases.  Author states that ethics is a key point in today’s business sectors which indicates what is wrong and what is right in various corporate branches and that leads the workers and the owners of the businesses with moral beliefs of what is right and what is wrong (Gokmen & Ozturk, 2012). It is very important to know that with an ethical standard point in every business or corporations there are lots of wrongs and rights which affect the standard of an organization that may lead any businesses to either successful stage or it might bring down the company with negative impact on company’s overall image and unproductive results. Author Gokmen further purpose from this article is to analysis the literature on ethics, compare it with a global view point and attempt to differentiate the study from the preceding ones with respect to the usual strength of global corporations and their effect on host marketplaces as well as offer proposals to converge the global industries with local situations to make the major benefits for the local and global parties (Gokmen & Ozturk, 2012).         The article further states that it is very much likelihood of confirming the coordination between behavior and moral values that has been vital for quite a while. The inquiry in this procedure was the means by which to change the moral qualities relying upon different standards and show a moral system that will be helpful for advancement inside a general public and organizations. Organizations with general ethical values show an improved performance; enjoy a hopeful image to the society and this would help to create better bonding with the possible investors in the long term. Executing ethical standards and values in these associations would both encourage the advancement of the business framework and commercial enterprises, and in addition brief state improvement as to motivate certainty on shoppers prompting greater production (Gokmen & Ozturk, 2012).


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