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Apple Industry Analysis

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Industry Analysis

Apple Inc.

        Apple Inc. is an American multinational company founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, with headquarters in Cupertino, CA. The company primary goal was to develop and sell personal computers, but over the years it became a designer and manufacturer of other technological devices as well, such as smartphones, portable digital music players and TV's. The Company’s products and services include iPhone®, iPad®, Mac®, iPod®, Apple Watch®, Apple TV®, but it also offers a portfolio of professional software applications such as iOS, MacOS™, WatchOS® and tvOS™, operating systems - iCloud®, Apple Pay®, and a variety of accessory, service and general support. Apple Inc. target most adults as regular consumers but they are involved heavily in providing solutions and technology for college students and business. Many of their products are for professional use for such hobbies or careers are music productions, photography or coding. Every year, Apple continues to innovate their products, indicating how ubiquitous they can be with her products, but not necessary means that they are cheap. By ubiquitous I mean how an entry level iPad in 2017 has the processing power that would cost 100 million in 1980. Every year, Apple continues to bring new technology advances that might seem impossible. Apple’s strategic aspirations are to provide all of their services to their end users, to enrich their lives and create moments they will cherish forever. They do this by using their iCloud services, Music, and all their products, and ensuring everyone can utilize them. Apple Inc. Competes not with cost but with product differential. They ensure their products are unique, easy to use, and secure. Most of their products are easy to use, to the point that if you have never used their Operation system, as soon as you start to use it, you will become very familiar with it and pick it up. One of the most unique feature of their brand is how Apple makes it their mission to ensure their products secure and safe. As information is so important and sensitive, all Apple products have specific technology to ensure no one can access it that aren’t supposed to. One aspect Apple has tried to be innovative and enter a new market is with her Apple Pay services. At first many were skeptical about the service, but as more and more apps and other industries utilize it, Apple Pay continues to grow.

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What’s important to know is how information affects all these services. Apple understands that they have many archrivals, and substitute to their products and services. Apple’s biggest archrival would be considered Samsung and Google Inc. Samsung continues to complete with Apple through their cell phones products and computers, while Google, with her operating systems. Apple has over 1 Billion active users, as they continue to grow. One of the biggest reason for individuals to substitute is price. There’s so many products such as computers, cell phones, and tablets that are more affordable but don’t necessarily have the same quality of production. [pic 2]


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