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Analysis on It Sector

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Compensation Trend in IT sector

Salary compensation in the Information & Technology Industry has been the topic with debates in the last few years. There has been a lot of variation in the salary trend because of the recession. Still this sector finds a booming growth in the Indian market. According to a survey the highest salary increase in Information & Technology sector in India was in the year 2003.

Salaries Trends

The 2010 IT Salary Guide, based on data from Robert Half Technology, lists IT salaries for a broad range of professionals, from IT manager to software developer to security administrator to help desk manager. The Guide also provides data about IT salary levels for regions across the world, and suggests the salary incentives for related IT skills (such as C++, Oracle database, Cisco network, or Visual Basic skills).

The variation in Salary within the IT sector is not much. The difference in incentives may exist at a very small fraction within the industries. The Salary Range of some famous IT companies has been given below.

Popular IT Companies Salary Range

IBM Global Services Rs 235,143 - Rs 1,220,008

Wipro Technologies Ltd. Rs 224,567 - Rs 1,242,000

HCL Technologies Ltd. Rs 179,753 - Rs 993,598

Accenture Rs 242,776 - Rs 1,270,000

Infosys Technologies Ltd. Rs 279,253 - Rs 1,205,001

When we talk of the Salary Range in terms of Degree, the one holding a degree in technical field gets a elevated salary. A example of Salary Range is presented herein.

Top Degrees Salary Range

Bachelor's Degree Rs 274,556 - Rs 774,976

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Rs 293,301 - Rs 962,224

B.Tech/BE in Mechanical Engineering/

Electrical Engineering Rs 329,003 - Rs 968,798

B.Tech/BE in Electronics and Communi-


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