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Acc 400 - Current and Noncurrent Assets Paper

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Current and Noncurrent Assets Paper


To all the business the accounting department is a vital and plays a huge role in maintain the whole business. Knowing and understanding the major facts and importance to the process of accounting and it is commanding for any business that wants to be successful. Without having any assets no business will ever be successful in the future. Current and noncurrent assets are two main assets which will be described and addressed in this paper. These assets needs to be liquidated and which that the assets applies towards the balance sheet.

Current assets are basically cash and resources which the business physically expects to change into cash or spent in a year or the business operating process, which either is longer. Current assets come with cash, inventories, small investments, and already paid expenses. Current assets are types of assets are vital towards the business because current assets are the main source of money or funds essential for that day of operating of the business.

On the other side of the hill there is noncurrent assets which are long-term assets which the business means to hold on to for about one year or even loner. Noncurrent assets are not easy to change into cash as like the current assets. Plant, property, equipment, vague assets such as patents and licenses, and natural resources such as gold are many types of noncurrent assets. Noncurrent assets are vital to the health of the financial of the business workings and the noncurrent assets include a constant source of profits.

The difference between the assets of current and noncurrent are that the time it takes to change the assets into cash and procedure. Current assets are only short-term assets which can be sold or used up with in a period of the business cycle which most of the time is a year. Current assets also do not devalue within a single year. On the other hand noncurrent assets are long-term assets which cannot be spent or liquidated within a single year. In an example, a business buys and owns land and/or building(s) as the core of the business which the business is not going to change the land and/or building into cash within a single year. Additionally, noncurrent assets such as equipment run down as time go by.

The regulations and rules of accounting must need of the following specific order of liquidity when presenting the financial products which


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