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Absenteeism in Workplace

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Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction        1

2.0 Literature Review        2

3.0 Research Design and Methodology        6

3.1 Paradigm of Enquiry        6

3.1.1 Positivism        6

3.1.2 Interpretivism        6

3.1.3 Realism        7

3.1.4 Pragmatism        7

3.2 Research Methodology        7

3.2.1 Research Approach        7

3.2.2 Research Strategy        8

3.2.3 Research Choices        8

3.2.4 Time Horizon        8

3.3 Data Collection Method        8

3.3.1 Data Collection Instrument        9

3.4 Data Analysis Techniques        10

3.4.1 Descriptive statistics        10

3.4.2 Inferential Statistics        10

3.5 Ethical Issues        12

4.0 Timeline        13

References        14

1.0 Introduction

International Conglomerates (IC) noticed that the absence rate across their sales division have been increasing and are marked above the average rate in the industry. The company understands that it is a problem that cannot be ignored due to the severe impacts that absenteeism can bring to the company. The first impact on the company is the high and unnecessary costs that the company needs to bear with due to the absence of the employees (Tiwari, 2014). Besides, the employee morale, which has direct effect on the employee’s productivity, will be affected as well (Tiwari, 2014). The feeling of well being of the employee will be cracked down and the satisfaction on the job will be lower as well. It also affects the productivity of the employees and it eventually affects the productivity of the company in a great extent (Tamara Singh, 2016). Lastly, the absence of the employees may lead to the customers dissatisfaction because customers expect to be serve 24/7, the customer will be disappointed by the company if they can’t get what they need from the employee (Mehmet C., 2009). Therefore, the Head of Human Resources of IC requested the researcher to conduct a research project concerning performance management of the company based on the sales team in France, India and Brazil.


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