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A Study on the Supply Chain Management Practices at Meatco Food Nepal

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Kathmandu College of Management

Title of the Project: A Study on the Supply chain management practices at MeatCo Food Nepal

Group 3

Table of Contents


1.        Introduction of the project        


1.        Scope of the Project        

2.        Limitation of the Project        


1.        Research Design        


1.        Analytical Presentation of Project        

2.        Major Findings        





  1. Introduction of the project

Established in the year 1996 for the purpose of inculcating the concept of processed meat products in the Nepalese lifestyle, MeatCo Food Nepal is a gourmet food technology firm. Though meat processing was already introduced in Nepal years before it, the commoners then didn’t know the concept of processed meat. They consumed meat as it came directly from the source. Thus, MeatCo was amongst the first few to take this concept from the 5 star hotels to the houses of the common people.

Unknown to the locals until 5 years back, today the meat processing industry touches nearly every household in one way or the other. With the rise of the restaurant industry in Nepal, the meat processing units have a broader market to serve. With the increase in the disposable income of the households due to various factors such as working women, remittance, increased education levels etc; the eating habits of the people have changed dramatically. This in turn has led further booming of the meat processing business in Nepal. With a large population to serve, this business can be deemed to be one of the most lucrative businesses of today’s time.  


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