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Supply Chain Management - Pizza Hut Moscow

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Purposed solutions

This document described the purposed solution to the problems of Pizza Hut business

Our proposed solution for the problems Pizza Hut is encountering in Moscow includes increasing employee satisfaction and improving management. The employees are an asset to any organization. They play a vital role in the business and need to be satisfied with work conditions, benefits, and training. The solution for improving employee satisfaction starts with training opportunities. The employees need to be properly trained on the standards of serving and cooking in a Pizza Hut restaurant. Offering training opportunities when hiring new employees or when there are changes to the Pizza Hut operations would be conducted by a top, established employee. This employee would be responsible for training new employees or all employees on new tasks, leaving management time to spend on other critical tasks. These trainers would be liaisons to the Russian and Western management teams to communicate training gaps and successes.

Work conditions, such as compensation, benefits and performance rewards all contribute to employee satisfaction. A change in compensation is needed. Rather than starting wages high and deducting for absences or maintaining standards, Pizza Hut would start the salaries below normal Russian standards and create incentive based pay for showing up on time and meeting operational standards. Once the employees become consistent, Pizza Hut can offer incentives such as a salary increase, bonus pay, or time off. If Pizza Hut would create greater employee satisfaction, productivity and efficiency would improve.

Our proposed solution also includes changes in the management team. Pizza Hut will be supervised by a Russian management team, but have oversight from a more established Western manager. The management team would utilize technology to provide continued training for management and allow for communication from employees to Western management. This will be a learning experience for all involved and Western management can assist the Russian management on addressing employee concerns, questions, and ideas. The Western management will assist in setting performance goals for the Russian Pizza Hut, and the Russian management's compensation will be heavily tied to these goals.

By increasing employee satisfaction and improving management, the Moscow Pizza Hut is going to decrease employee turnover rates, increase customer satisfaction, and increase the efficiency and productivity of the restaurant.

Before the initialization of the Business, Pizza hut did not followed the following business strategies, tools and techniques to evaluate the future performance, Risk eversion and business


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