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Work in Dalit Groups

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 Name:        Vighnesh Nayak                                                Roll No. M2015HRM060

Date:         05/09/2013                                                 Learning Log No. FCHR 2 - 3

  1. What key concepts/ideas did you learn in the classroom session(s) leading to this log? Mention the concept(s) along with a brief description and the corresponding references of the relevant readings.

Some of the concepts that I read include:-

Trait theories – The theories of personality which focus on key dimensions on which people differ in different ways

Personality traits – The specific dimensions along which individuals’ personalities differ in consistent, stable ways

Functional Autonomy: In Allport’s theory, maintenance of patterns of behavior by motives other than the ones originally responsible for the behavior’s occurrence.

Personality Dimensions: The most common personality dimensions referred to as the ‘Big 5’include extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability and openness to experience

Defense Mechanism: Techniques used by the ego to keep threatening and unacceptable material out of consciousness and so to reduce anxiety

  1. How do these ideas relate to your personal experiences or observations of the personal world around you? Mention the concept along with a brief description of your lived experiences and observations relating to the concept.

I could relate to the concept of defense mechanism and personality dimensions pretty well. One of my friends who had a pretty disturbed childhood and upbringing had a very jovial and humorous demeanour and outlook towards life. After reading the concept of defense mechanism, I could relate and realised that he uses humour has a self-defense mechanism. Even in the TV show FRIENDS, there is a popular character called Chandler who uses humour as is self-defense mechanism. Hence it was easy for me to understand the concept of defense mechanism. Personality dimensions are something that I discovered during a workshop that was conducted in our undergraduate days whereby we were given a psychometric test and the results of the test gave us one important dimension that we possessed in our personality. I got the trait as sincerity. I realized that building my qualities and framing my work ethics along this trait through sincere efforts will help me to accomplish all my difficult tasks.

  1. What do you find interesting about these concepts and why?

The concepts attempt to explain my fundamental difference between different people and how people having different personality traits behave in social settings. Considering a simple fact that although two people have a same personality trait, yet their approach and behaviour in different social settings will be different. Two individuals may have the same personality traits but exhibit totally different behaviour because of various other factors. These concepts of personality dimensions also help us understand different ways in which people behave or act. Some people are introverts, some are extroverts which are two extreme ends on the spectrum of extraversion which is one of the personality dimension. Some people can be extremely cooperative and nice whereas on the other hand, some can be equally ruthless, headstrong and aggressive. This contrasting and differing traits which people exhibit is what makes studying, observing people more fascinating and makes HR as a stream, even more challenging.


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