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Smart Goal

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To achieve my career goals, it is suitable to set the SMART goal. The SMART framework allows me to write great and meaningful goals and work hard to achieve it. SMART goal included five dimensions, which is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely.

I believe that it is specific enough to set my career goal. I had specific point out what job I want to do after graduate, which is to be a flight attendant. And I also aim to find a job in management level in aviation industry years later. There was no doubt to achieve my goal.

Other than that, it is important that my goals should be measurable. I would like to be a flight attendant and earn at least $13,000 HK dollar a month. This must be achieved within the first six months after I graduate. And two years later, I aim to earn more than $17,000 a month. And I aim to work in a management level with stable working hours. This is easy to measure and it is clear enough which helps me to work it out.

My career goals are also achievable and sensible. I believe choosing aviation management as my major really helps me to achieve my career goals. It allows me to learn more about aviation industry, such as airline safety, security and emergency planning, airport managements and aviation strategy. Therefore, I aim to work as a flight attendant and work in management level in aviation industry, these are tasks which are not far beyond my capability. I believe I can achieve my career goals with my knowledge gain from my bachelor degree and my interpersonal skills.

Also, the career goals of mine are relevant to my real interest. I love to communicate with people and I like to help people. Being a flight attendant can satisfy these two requirements. To be a flight attendant, I have to communicate with different customers and to provide what they need in-flight. I can help them with the best of my ability. I believe I will enjoy this job very much.



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