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Lessors of Nonresidential Buildings Industry Analysis

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No Man’s Land

The year is 2269, and a large group of intellectual astronauts have a mission. Their plan is to travel to a new planet in hopes of finding a place in which humans can inhabit for when Earth’s resources have been depleted. They each require certain skills that, when put together, can help them become inhabitants of the new world without any problems so as long as the planet has the proper resources, which, according to research, it does. They also have the knowledge of John Locke and what was written in his writing called Second Treatise of Government, along with Thomas Paine and his writing called Common Sense. With knowledge They journey towards the farthest known galaxy, called EGS-zs8-1. They head out to what scientists have called Planet Slightly-Larger-Earth. By outfitting their ship with the best technology the year has to offer, they are able to arrive to the planet within weeks. However, days after they arrive to the planet, Earth is hit by a meteor that gets hit by satellite, causing it to make a course straight for our planet, killing everyone. The people on Slightly-Larger-Earth are the last known humans in existence. Using their knowledge of the Earth’s resources, what they know about this new Earth, and John Locke, they attempt to create a new world.

These last human beings are responsible for creating the new world if they plan to keep the human race alive. The first thing they do is create shelter where they would live out their days, along with finding food that can be eaten and the closest possible substitute for water. After everyone becomes settled in, their next agenda is government. There were people who sided with a way of mixing the views of John Locke and Thomas Paine. John Locke was a democrat that believed in a direct form of democracy that existed only to protect its people and to allow them to have liberty and property. He believed that the moment a government tampered with a person's individual rights, that government would be rebelled against and would not be servings its people. Thomas Paine is a Founding Father of America and believed that the country had the ability to break free from Britain rule because they have the power and capability to do so. One man, however, wanted to rule as a monarch, where he would have total control over everyone else because he believed


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