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Getting Past No: Negotiating with Difficult People by William Ury

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This book explains way to handle difficult people. The way to end a negotiation in a good note is not to destroy the opponent party but to dominate them. Solving the problems in a shared discussion approach rather than pouncing on them. The author provides five ways in which the above can be obtained:

Step1: On needs to control one’s own anger in a negotiation. He should maintain a mental equilibrium and discuss on each other’s interests in a calm way and should then think whether to continue with negotiation. Bu time to think: Don't decide on the spot.

Step2: Do not argue. Step into their shoes and reassure them and help them gain their mental balance. This can be done by listening actively to their statements and asking questions that will make them feel that their interest and feelings are being acknowledged.

Step3: Discuss the issues in terms of each party’s interest rather than their position.

Step4: Make it easy for opponent to say “Yes” by removing obstacle to agreement. This can be done by getting the solution out of opponents by asking them ideas and through constructive criticisms. Use third party if necessary.

Step5: Offering ways to make it hard for the opponent to say “No”. Demonstrate your BATNA at a minimum and a legitimate way without provoking , use a third party to promote negotiation, stop attacks, educate the other side and keep sharpening their choice: let them know you have a way out, finally aim for mutual satisfaction and not victory.


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