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Negotiation Strategy Analysis

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Negotiation Strategy Analysis

Every day, individual are in different negotiation meetings. A negotiator should have some king of strategy to have a successful plan in mind. Without some sort of strategy in place there will never be a resolution to the issue at hand. Both parties that are involved in any negotiation with a good strategy plan, ensures that both of those parties come out with a win-win situation rather than a winner-loser situation.

During any negotiation process both parties should analyze their needs, desires, and interest. Things such as culture, different ethical backgrounds, and experience should also be taken into consideration. All information available will assist both parties to form a basis for his or her strategic plan in the negotiation stage. Long-term and short- term goals along with what can be gained or lost are issues that may be critical for any negotiating process. As an individual understands the different strategies when negotiating, he or she will be able to live life much easier in his or her personal and business environment. Two articles will be used to get a better understanding on comparing and contrasting different negotiation strategies.

In the first article, U.S. Loan Aid- Truly Competitive and Efficient, it states "that the consumer can find debt relief by going through the U.S. Loan Aid." The U.S. Loan Aid will handle all debt negotiation procedures so that the lender and the client can be fully satisfied with the result (Patrich, n.d.). Although this procedure may take some time to resolve to acquire the best results. Some financial institutes such as banks, finance companies, or private lenders may have a different outlook when it comes to settling any credit card debt.

The U.S. Loan Aid will make sure that the client will not have any contact with the lenders verbally or in person. This in turn will relieve much stress that the client may have over this issue of credit card debt. One of the positive strategies that U.S. Loan Aid will accomplish is the advantage that the client will no longer have to deal with this matter no longer. The client will believe that his or her level of emotional and financial stress dissipate over time. The U.S. Loan Aid will handle all calls in respect to resolve this issue in an effective yet speedily time in negotiating all debt with the lenders. U.S. Loan Aid will make every effort to protect the client from any harassing calls that may be made by collection agencies. According to the US Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), "a debt collector may not engage in any conduct the natural consequence of which is to harass, oppress, or abuse any person in connection with the collection of a debt."(ยง 806. Harassment or Abuse).

In the second article, it explains to the consumer how to analyze the best strategy for negotiating the best deal for buying a car. The consumer should


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