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Emotional Intelligence - How one Can Manage and Improve Their Own Emotions

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This paper presents what Emotional Intelligence is and how one can manage and improve their own emotions, which aimed to help individual understands more about Emotional Intelligence as well as they can discover their own Emotional Intelligence and learn to use it in the right way. The key success of Emotional Intelligence is to understand both our emotions and other points of view and deal with them sagaciously. Furthermore, it not only helps oneself but it also uses the knowledge to help others perform at their best as well. It could be concluded that those who have high level of Emotional Intelligence will be able to resolve conflict quicker and also recover from moribund stage with discreet. Henceforth, they are good when they are in a crisis, they will have strong communication, and they will be successful when others who do not have emotional intelligence fail. However, it surely is better if we all success and are happy in everything we would like to do. Thus, those who have aspect of emotional intelligence are aware that they can develop others along while they develop themselves. It is hoped this paper will inform about Emotional Intelligence and will be useful to those who would like to understand their emotions better in order to manage them sagely. Since this paper has many good advices and a lot of great vibes, I am positive that after anyone who read this, they could overcome all kinds of obstacles that would stop them and sure thing is that they will up for anything with neither fear nor doubt any more.


Not everyone who has high IQ or who is superior in the exam than the others will be successful in their life. Why is that? That was always my question when I met someone who I admire of as in their performances in their study or work but it seemed that they got lost somehow and cannot pull their life together. Even I, sometimes, wonder that what goes wrong in my life and what could be done in order to get rid of it. Until I have read this book, Emotional Intelligence, I suddenly feel like it answers my question that I have been always doubt. In additions, it helps me to understand things as well as others better. As a result, I try to follow the book’s suggestions in various aspects and it does works. I appreciate everything that comes in to my life either it is good things or the lesson that makes me stronger.

In this book, it explains why someone who has superior intelligence level cannot ensure that they will success and can live a happy life. This happens because standard intelligence alone is not enough to predict one’s performance. There are more factors than that, for example, emotional intelligence also one of another type of intelligence that we have been defined it in one way.

Main Point

Although there are numerous ways to define what Emotional Intelligence


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