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A Proposal for the Hr Department at the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino

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A Proposal for the Hr Department at The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino


Executive Summary        3

Transmittal letter        4

Introduction        5

Background of the Study        5

Analysis of the Problem        6

Recruitment, Retention and Employee Motivation        6

Culture        7

Leadership and development        8

Proposed Benefits        8

Schedule of Completion        10

A bar graph to illustrate the completion schedule        11

Staffing Requirements        12

Budget Analysis        12

Authorization Letter        14

Conclusion        15

References        16

Executive Summary

        In the world that businesses are operating in today, there are so many challenges affecting their performance. One of the chief problems is associated with the human resource department in their functioning to recruit, retain and motivate workers. The following paper lays more emphasis in analyzing the main issue with the human resource department as well as issues affecting workers. A case study of a fast foods casino, known as The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, is used to give way for new ways of evaluating human resource department issues. A proposal gets incorporated into the implementation strategy. More significantly, benefits attached to the project get discussed. A completion schedule, budget analysis as well as staff requirements get stated. Finally, recommendations and suggestions made to improve the functionality of the HR department are given to enhance a firm’s efficiency and productivity.

Transmittal letter

Worker Remedy Specialists,

1909 Avenue of the Stars, Seventh Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90067

Phone: (310) 391-8901 Fax: (310) 391-7893 Web:

September 8, 2016

Ms. Ms. Bridget Rosales, Manager 

Human Resource Department 

The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino 3355 Las Vegas Boulevard South Las Vegas, NV 89109

Dear Ms. Rosales:

        I at this moment present a study done as requested by the Board of Directors in The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, the Chief Executive Officer, and the general manager. The study below aims at suggesting strategies adopt in the recruitment, retention as well as policies to use in to take in trying to overcome the challenge of recruiting and retaining new employees in the firm. A breakdown of the budget, as well as staff requirements, gets the outline. An implementation policy to follow in selection, retention and motivation of new employees in the firm gets provided. It’s with my greatest wish and hope that the strategy if adopted, it will drive the economy towards more excellent performance.


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