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Summary/response Paper

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You will complete a total of 5 Summary/Response Papers in this course. Each S/R Paper is worth 2% of your grade (total of 5 S/R Papers = 10% of overall course average.

The purpose of the Summary/Response Paper is to (1) strengthen your Critical Reading and Critical Writing skills, and (2) to test your ability to follow directions carefully and thoroughly.

The paper itself will consist of 3 sections: The Summary section, the Response section, and 1 or 2 Discussion/Focus Questions or Comments. The Summary and Response sections should be in paragraph form. The Discussion Focus Question(s) will appear at the end. You should try to keep the paper as close to 1 page as possible (although it is okay if you write slightly more than 1 page - if so, be sure to put your name on the second page and staple the two together.

Requirements: (1) A Heading with your name, Instructor Name, ENGL 1301 - Section Number (ex: ENGL 1301-7005), and date. (2) A Title with the paper number and the reading title. For example: Summary/Response #3: "Once More To The Lake". (3) Typed and formatted according to MLA standards: 1 inch margins all the way around, double spaced, heading, title. How well you follow all of these requirements will be considered in determining your grade.

THE SUMMARY SECTION: In this section, you will thoroughly summarize the reading in your own words. Do not use any quotes from the reading. Be sure to include the author's main idea/thesis, intended audience, and all major points made by the author to achieve his/her purpose. Do not include any of your own ideas, thoughts, or evaluations at this point. This is strictly a summary of the reading itself; it should take up approximately half the page.

THE RESPONSE SECTION: In this section, you will respond to the reading. Some questions to consider: How effective is the reading - does the author achieve his/her intended purpose? Did


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