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February Dance: The Virtuosic Response Paper

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This Friday, I had a chance to see February Dance: The Virtuosic at Krannert Center. It was the first live dance performance that I have seen. When I stepped into the Krannert Center, I was surprised by how crowded it was. People were lining up to purchase the tickets which I wasn’t expected. At the same time, my anticipation about the performance was growing.

The first part of February Dance: The Virtuosic is called Lalula. When the performance about to start, the lights were turned off. I immediately felt that the total darkness filled with anticipation and uncertainty. Suddenly, the stage curtains opened. There was a video showing on the stage. This video included a brief introduction of performers and some interesting facts about them. I think the video is a great opening. It got audiences’ full attention and kept them entertain.

I discovered the motion of dance from viewing February Dance: The Virtuosic. As an audience I could feel the change of my mood with the fluctuation of motion performed in different parts of this dance. In the second part of the dance, Thus Sayeth, the male and female performers displayed a strong feeling about each other through their repetitive actions with some change in each repeat. I remember there was some parts that the performer swirled from the other and immediately they got together again. My interpretation of these dance movements were that they had complex feeling about each other. They wanted to be together but there were some problems force them to separate. They cared about each other so even when swirled away, they still having eye contact.

I have never been able to understand dance performances very well thus I didn’t really understand the ideas that the choreographer was trying to portray in February Dance: The Virtuosic. Therefore, my impression about this dance was mainly about five senses. I liked the costumes and clothes that the performers were wearing. In February


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