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Why We Fight Response Paper

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Road to Ruin?

Have you ever encountered an ad that portrays enlisting in the war as a bad thing? For that matter have you ever seen an ad that contains information about the negatives of war in general? It is as though the nation portrays war as something that is “needed.” Dwight D. Eisenhower declared that the United States had the political power and leadership but also warned and pleaded the future of America to keep the peace at home and overseas. In order to succeed in doing so, Eisenhower suggested that we cannot let the weight of “policing” the world control all others or in the utmost endanger what our country’s foundation is built upon, freedom. In Chapter 4 of Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism, Robbins makes it clear that over the years manufacture consent has become a key component in structuring our beliefs and attitude of the supremacy of the United States. Manufacture consent distorts the nation’s truths and portrays them to the general public in ways that will make citizens support and help prosper the nation. Robbins defines these truths with examples and demonstrates that our modern practices will only lead the road to ruin of punishment and consequences if we continue to perceive the lies that are told to us by press, media, and the officials themselves.

In Chapter 4, Robbins includes that manufacture consent is used almost always when going to war. One of the most recent examples include the invasion of Iraq to kill Saddam Hussein. In the movie, Why We Fight, there is a part where George Bush states in accordance to 9/11 that “they were more than acts of terror, they were acts of war.” This statement is powerful because at a time of chaos we are led to believe that automatically Iraqi forces are to blame, when really there was no automatic evidence. On page 114 it says, “Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, none of which were


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