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Stick to a Sleep Schedule, Even on Weekends

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Stick to a sleep schedule, even on weekends

Unless I am going out or have an event on during the week, my sleep is pattern is always regular. When I am home in Australia I aim to an set an alarm each morning to 8am and go to the gym in the morning, as I feel like that is the best way to start the day for me. Whilst on exchange I have noticed that my sleeping pattern has been a bit compromised and irregular as I am out and about a lot, but I hope that it becomes more regular as the semester progresses.

Practice a relaxing bedtime ritual

I can honestly say that I have never had a bedtime ritual, up until recently. My ritual before bed since I have started this trip has been 100 sit ups and as many push ups as I can. In the past I noticed that I would stay awake until I felt the urge to fall asleep, as I have found that if I do not this it takes a lot longer for me to fall asleep. This generally gets me tired and in the mood to fall asleep.

Exercise daily

This is the one thing that I have been doing, even when travelling. Given my accommodation has a 24/7 gym, I have been willing and able to go to the gym on a daily basis. Myself and several others in my accommodation also have access to cars, and have been aiming to go on at least one or two hikes a week. As mentioned in the Wellbeing Week 1 activity, my active upbringing means that I actually enjoy exercising, and feel that my day is not complete without any form of it.

Evaluate your bedroom to ensure ideal temperature, sound, and light

I sleep best with at least light as possible and am in a relatively quiet apartment complex. Coming from Australia, I am quite used to the heat, however don’t remember it being so hot at night. Given this, I find that if I sleep with an air conditioner on I wake up during the night as it is too cold. However, the fan in my room is constantly on as is the air conditioner during the day, which means that there is an ideal temperature when I go to sleep at night.


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