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Before I Go to Sleep by S J Watson

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Watson proceeds to say that Christine spent the night in this peculiar and unfamiliar place, we see her initial thoughts after waking up which increase the element of doubt and uncertainty. She has no indication as to her whereabouts and even believes that the newsreader is a woman next to her; ‘'at first I thought she was in bed with me, but then realized she was reading the news". It's as if she's woken as a completely different person and we begin to wonder has she been taken advantage of on a wild night out? Or has she woken up from such a deep sleep that everything genuinely is still a blur to her? She continues to express how unfamiliar this place is by repeating that she's found herself in a room she doesn't recognize, and the fear of what's unknown begins to greatly increase here. "My eyes adjust as I look around in the near dark", this suggests that she's just woken up and has to force her eyes to function properly highlighting that she really isn't aware of her location. She says that there's a dressing gown which appears to belong to someone much older which gives us an indication that she's a fairly young woman. "A dressing gown hangs off the back of the wardrobe door – suitable for a woman, but someone much older than I am".

Everything's challenging to her, as her inability to silence the alarm declares, ‘'The alarm clock looks complicated, but I find a button and manage to silence it.'', After reading on I personally see this as a metaphor for Christine's days, which seem complicated and problematic at the start but eventually finding the button to silence the alarm compares to her having some sort of peace of mind once she is told who and where she is by her husband.


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