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Co-Sleeping Case

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Zero To Three: Sleep

Sleep is very important for small children, since lack of it can upset anyone that comes in contact with the child as well as affect the childs growth and development. If a child is not well rested, neither is anyone else in the house! Plus he would be prone to emotional meltdowns as well as not being able to remember things he is taught.

There are many methods to getting a baby to sleep but as every parent and child is different, they need to take the time to experiment and find what works best for them. I don't think that trying to keep a newborn awake to promote wakefulness during the day would actually help them to be better sleepers at night. Infants have their own biological clock and as their tips say, an infant will be on a regular day and night schedule at about three to four months. It's great they also point out how it is hard to put a baby on a schedule and how they fall into their own at about four to six months. It seems unfair to upset a newborn for personal benefit and I think parents should let the sleep schedule naturally work itself out. I realize that is not always possible but as parents, we are here for our children and not the other way around. I like how the website does make a point to say there are no easy answers and that you can only start to move in the right direction. Tired parents want instant results and it just does not happen that way. Too often the resources I have come across are not baby friendly. I do not think that mothers should refrain from co-sleeping. It has been done for centuries and many more babies have survived co-sleeping than not. It is important to keep fluffy bedding and pillows away from a small baby, as well as animals. I have and currently co-sleep with both of my children. This is a touchy topic and most people either co-sleep or are strongly against it. There is not much leeway in between. I think a mother knows what she is capable


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