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Poor Performance in School/work as a Consequence of Sleep Deprivation

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Niguidula, Andrew Justin                                                                                                                  Ms. Rea Reyes

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Poor Performance in School/Work as a Consequence of Sleep Deprivation

   Before an exam, I would always hear my classmates say, Bro! I slept late last night! I studied until 3 am for this exam! I hope I would pass the test!Throughout grade school, until college, I would often hear this from my schoolmates. I would ask myself, Is it worth it?Well, studies show that sleeping late can have various consequences, which obviously includes having low grades. On the other hand, I think people who have jobs would have a sub-par performance compared to their usual performance in the office. Going back to my main topic, I would say that sleep deprivation is a cause for a poor performance in school or in the office.

   My first reason for my claim would be, A person who lacks sleep will most probably have a bad immune system.When a person falls asleep, his/her immune system produces anti-bodies which fend and fight off certain bacterium and viruses in his/her system. This means that our immune system has less time to build up these anti-bodies to fight off the toxins in our body. According to, a weak immune system may take a person a longer time to recover from illness. And a bad immune system equals a person who gets sick all the time. Being absent in class or work isnt what exactly makes people succeed in life.

   My last reason for my claim would be,A person who lacks sleep will tend to forget the things he/she processes and.Memory lapses can be a big problem when you study or when you're at work. According to Dr. Robert Stickgold from the Harvard School of Medicine says that sleep plays an important role in critical thinking and listening, and without this, it is imperative that a person could do such cognitive functions.This means that it would be hard for a person to remember things once he/she is sleepy. Im sure weve experienced this before, and its not something to be proud of.


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