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Negotiation: Moms.Com V3

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1234Name: Caleb Smith

Negotiation: Moms.Com V3

Role: Terry Schiller

1. Define the negotiation goal.

To get the best deal possible for, end the run with 100 episodes available over 5 years. I want to get 70,000 per episode. Do not pay over the course of more than 3 years and try to get a down payment.

2. List the major issues in the negotiation related to achieving the goal.

The ratings are uncertain making the net value unsure, making buyers skeptical. We need to meet certain criteria in terms of length of payments, financing costs and licensing fees, all which come into great value on both sides of the negotiation making it difficult.

3. Define their relative importance of each issue, and define the bargaining mix.

Program revenue and financing cost are the most important.

4. Define the interests.

EuroMouse wants to continue to develop this land and profit. The Government is on the same page as EuroMouse for the most part since the development will bring jobs and revenue and be good for the economy and communities ultimately. The mayors or town officials will most likely want some form of major compensation for not being involved in the first meeting and for feeling shorted and angry at what is supposedly ruining their towns or brining trouble.

5. Define the alternatives (BATNAs).

Not really any alternatives to the negotiation ending with everyone in agreement since that is my only job. Worst case scenario we provide as much government assistance as possible and try to get EuroMouse to agree to financial compensation.

6. Define your limits, including resistance point.

Limits are the negotiation completely failing and an agreement not being met. Have to keep it from


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