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Bloody Mary Research Paper

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        Mary l, most commonly known as Bloody Mary, was a ruthless ruler. Mary was born on February 18th,, 1516. She was the daughter of Henry Vlll and Catherine of Aragon. Mary was the only child to survive from her parents. She ruled for a total of five years and happened to be the first female monarch in England. She was also the first queen regnant (as in someone who reigned in her own right instead of through marriage.) The only people who remained loyal to Mary and believed in her all the way were her followers. They believed that what Mary was doing was best for England. Mary l’s father, her one-sided marriage, and her dedication to her religion ultimately impacted her life resulting in negative effects on England.

        Although Mary l does not have a good reputation, she was also known for other things than being a ruthless ruler. Mary did show strong affections for her husband and was first in line of power by her father. Her childhood was not too good either because of the divorces and how people treated her mother.

         Henry Vlll was one of the reasons as to why Mary I acted out the way she did. Henry truly wanted a son so he ended his marriage with Catherine of Aragon. Henry wanted a son because he needed a heir to the throne from the papacy, but was denied from the pope. Then he took himself out of the papal authority.[1] Henry then forced Mary not to see her parents and soon lost the title of princess after the divorce. This was all because her parents could not make a son after Henry so desperately wanted.[2] Mary than became downgraded once her mother, Catherine, was accused of already being married. The reasons as to why Catherine of Aragon was accused happened to be because of Henry Vlll. He was mad at her for refusing to think of Henry Vlll as the head of the England Church, so he told people she was already married before (and in England, that is the worst thing you could do.)[3] It was said to be true that Mary “spent nine years in misery” because she was “separated from Catherine, denied presence at court, treated as illegitimate, and forced to serve her half-sister Elizabeth 1 as lady in waiting.”[4] In 1533, Henry married Anne Boleyn because he was angry he still did not have a son to inherit his reign. He later demoted Mary from Lady-in-waiting and forced her to live with her infant half-sister, Elizabeth 1.[5] Anne Boleyn was later executed because she was accused of treason. Henry then proceeded to forcing Mary to deny the pope’s capability and own legitimacy.[6] Mary did not want to go back to her father after Anne died and absolutely denied to see her father as the head of the church.[7] After marrying his third wife, Jane Seymour, he, at last, got what he always wanted: a son. Henry changed his order of power to what best suited him: himself, Mary l, than Elizabeth.[8] The people of England began to believe that Mary “was a pawn in her father’s diplomatic intrigues” because of how Henry used her for his role as the head of the church. [9] After Edward died in 1533, Mary was after her half brother’s reign and wanted to restore England to Roman Catholicism.[10] It can be said, overall, “The tutors were not a prolific race.”[11] Henry Vlll was not the only reason as to why Mary 1 acted out to destroy England though. Mary’s failed; one-sided marriage also took a piece of her.


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