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Al Quiet on the Northern Front

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1. The essay was informal because it was a personal essay. It was based on author's personal interpretation on what he observes in his surrounding. And also, it wasn't based on facts or theories, the essay was based on his ideas.

2. Comparison and contrast

3. The essay was execellen becauset the author gave good points about how other people see or describe Canadians. It's really great to say and to show the truth than to exaggerate everything.

4. Canadian customs and virtues that are different from other countries.

5. The tone of the essay was suggestive. Because it isn't mad or lonely, it suggest something that other people might not observed, seen or understand.

6. Canadians - talked mostly about the truth and with accuracy while Americans -talk mostly just to entertain

7. Americans - individualistic, vulgar.     Canadian -casual, agreeable

8.  a. Taking the grid b. Heading to the cabin


        This essay may not be from personal experiences, but this is based on my personal interest. I am really fond of going to places and seeing the nature, so this is what my essay all about. I’m going to talk about how I agree with the statement –Things people don’t know about Saskatchewan. The purpose of this essay is to showcase the beauty of nature of Saskatchewan.

        Let’s all explore first the highest point in Saskatchewan, the Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park. It is located in the southwest corner of the province and the only interprovincial park in Canada. Cypress Hill was known as the highest in point in Saskatchewan because of its Lookout Point, at 1,392 meters above sea level. This Interprovincial Park is a mix of forests, wetlands and grasslands and is also known for having moose, wild turkeys, cougars and wide variety of birds. It also have resorts and offers adventures such as hiking. Walking the trails in this kind of place would allow anyone to enjoy some quiet time, in an environment that was very fresh and serene.

        Second thing that people don’t know about Saskatchewan is, it has the most active sand dunes formation in the north –the Anthabasca Sand Dunes. Based on what I’ve learnt in school before, sand dune is a hill of loose sand built by wind or flow of water. Wind and water flows form different shapes, sizes or forms of sand dunes. Anthabasca Sand Dunes was also known as the largest dune field in the north as it stretches for approximately 100 kilometers along the south shore of Lake Anthabasca.

        The third thing is, the most unique lake in the world, Manitou Lake. It is a salt-water lake located at the southeast of Saskatoon, in Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan have over 100,000 lake to boast, yet Manitou Lake is the most unique. This is known as a lake that refuses to let anyone drown in it. Manitou Lake has a mineral density three-time salter than the ocean. The high salt content of the water supports little other than brine shrimp, which explains why there is no fish in there.

        These things are just some of the beautiful places in Saskatchewan. I know there still lot more places in Saskatchewan that are worth to mention here and worth to explore. Also, there are lot of things people don’t know about Saskatchewan, but these are the best for me.


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