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All Quiet on the Western Front

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All Quiet On The Western Front was written by Erich Maria Remarque in 1929. Remarque was a German veteran of World War I and wrote the book on his own experiences. Although Remarque has written ten novels, he is known for this war novel. This novel is historical fiction and is classified as the "greatest war novel of all time". The author tries and succeeds as portraying the horror of World War I. The themes of All Quiet On The Western Front is how war effected the soldier, how am I as a soldier, and the dreams of a soldier.

The main character in All Quiet On The Western Front was Paul Baumer. The novel is told from a first person perspective. When Paul and his friends enlist in the war, they are young and think they'll be home soon. But that does not happen and they fight in World War I for years. Paul witnesses hundreds of deaths including close friends. Paul is placed on the western front and also dies peacefully there in the novel, henceforth the title of the novel, All Quiet On The Western Front.

Other important characters include Albert Kropp, Tjaden, Leer, Muller, Haie Westhus, and Katczinsky.There were many other minor characters including Kemmerich, Himmelstoss, Leer, and Detering. Paul fought in the war with these men and they had strong bonds with each other. Paul's friends and former war mates took him under their wing and taught him all he knew about war. Paul tried his best to teach fellow rookies the same as they came to war.

The book opens up with a cook refusing to give Paul and his crew the extra rations of food that were for the soldiers who had died.The reason why Paul and his friends joined the war was because of their teacher, Kantorek. The soon come under a rude awakening because of their first corporal, Himmelstoss. Nationalism and Partiotism are shown as major points of World War I. During the novel Paul witnesses many of this friends dying.

All Quiet On The Western Front was definitely interesting.


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